LAS VEGAS: An Ironic Appreciation

Viva Las Vegas with your neon flashin’And your one arm bandits crashin’All those hopes down the drainViva Las Vegas turnin’ day into nighttimeTurnin’ night into daytimeIf you see it onceYou’ll never be the same again Viva LasVegas/Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman When I say I love Las Vegas, people shake their heads and say, “But Vegas […]


“Don’t be silly.”  A dismissive comment. A put-down. Years ago, I was chatting with Eric Idle of Monty Python fame. His daughter and my son attended the same pre-school in Los Angeles. He’d just read a screenplay I’d written with Boyd Hale and Tom Wolfe, Edwards & Hunt: The First American Road Trip, later filmed […]


Some people think I’m joking when I tell them I grew up in a motel. Other people can’t believe Nutter is my real name. Sometimes these two groups of people intersect, in a Venn diagram of skepticism. Nutter is my real name. I suppose people think that because I write comedy, I changed my name […]