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I love Latin music
I love those Latin tunes
I can't do without all those syncopated rhythms
And 'though I don't know what they're singing about
I still sing the lyrics with 'em
Is the music Cuban? That's all right.
Is it Puerto Rican? Hey, could be.
Might it be Brazilian? Yes, it might.
Does it make a difference? Not to me.
I don't distinguish 'cause hair-splitting is wrong
And to me, quite arbitrary
So I translated this sweet Portuguese song
With a Spanish dictionary.

And now the night has come
And all the stars are so lovely
They're lovely out tonight
And so are you

I would love to touch the moon
But it's so very far
I'm in love with you
Because you have a car

We're here with all our friends
Jesus, Pedro and Cindy
Each one of them so lovely in their own way, hey
Da da da da da da
Then there's something about a guitar
You're such a lovely girl
Lovely, lovely, lovely

I used to have a brush, it had a dog on the handle
I left it in a bar, and now it's gone
Did you ever see a raccoon with a human face?
Cats are very smart, or maybe not

Be sure to check the date before you buy any yogurt
A lot of people died and that's a shame
Can you please explain to me
Why the fat man teases my corn?
I'm wearing new cologne
It's lovely, lovely, lovely...


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